Macau Beer named Official Dark beer Sponsor of Macau After Dark 6

Inside Asian Gaming features announced local Macau brewery Macau Beer as established Beer Sponsor for Macau After Dark 6, in order to be organised at classy peninsula gathering spot, Euskera – Club and Lounge, Grand Lapa, on Feb 5th 9 Oct 2020.

Founded as a tiny brewery by a young Us brewer in 1996, Macau Beer has since positioned itself to take advantage of the SAR’s expanding integrated resort market.
Since its birth, Macau Ale has always already been named after the world-famous tourist metropolis while completely inheriting an original mission of a organization cautiously brewed by business owners.
MAD is a regular set of industry marketing social functions held in Asia’s gaming heart of Macau. Each INSANE brings together key industry decision-makers with the people many people want to fulfill within a good relaxed and helpful environment. A new site is chosen for each one occasion.

Attendees of ANGRY should work for a good operator (land-based or online), a supplier to the driver, a VERY IMPORTANT PERSONEL promoter or be connected for the industry in some technique. 맥주 supply his or her business cards upon entrance. There is also a new specific VIP list intended for each function.

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